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Job Offer!

17 Jan

Good morning readers!!!

Let me start by telling you that today is a wonderful day! Do any of you know why?

WELL, if you’re a friend of mine on facebook then you already know that I have been offered the full time position I applied for with Lululemon Athletica!!

aljhdgalkdh;gla I am over the moon excited!! I’m currently in the on-boarding process and awaiting a few official emails, but the offer has been made and I have more than gladly accepted. After working 2 part-time jobs for over 4 months and trying to make it work, I am switching to one full-time position so I have more of a work-life balance, I look forward going to work each day, and I am doing something that I am passionate about that gives meaning to where I am in my life right now. I am so so so excited to begin this journey for myself. I feel I am finally moving forward with my life post college and it feels so awesome to not only workout at my own gym but now I’ll also be working off campus. Ah! I’m just so happy 😀

SO before all of that good news happened last night at babysitting, I had a pretty normal start to my Wednesday. Woke up and went off to work. There I had a Whipped Banana Oatmeal with blueberries and Nut Butter for breakfast 🙂ImageAround lunchtime I heated up some Channa Masala but didn’t really care for it, frozen from Trader Joe’s, so I ate some brussel sprouts I also brought with me but for being starving that morning I was not hungry at all for lunch. Even if it was 1 o’clock.ImageWhile at babysitting I left a voicemail and email with my lululemon contact then went to Starbucks for some tea while Max was at practice. That’s when my call came in!!! 🙂 I was so excited I managed to lose my debit card. 

My drive home was spent having very little gas while talking to Citibank on the phone for 30 minutes after looking at Starbucks and calling Max’s dad. At least I get free expedited shipping for being a CitiGold member so my new card will arrive tomorrow.

I picked up Erika on my way home and then we took the bus out to Surfside to go celebrate my job offer over half-price pitchers of margarita’s and some delicious tex mex.ImageImageImageImageI ordered my favorite there, and my go to, the St. Croix quesadilla with shrimp, grilled zucchini, cheddar and jack cheese, corn and black bean salsa with guacamole, lime sour cream, and pico de gallo. Erika’s quesadilla was the Belize, also good, with grilled steak, cheddar and jack cheese, poblano peppers and grilled red onions.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick our flavor of margarita’s so we had lime. They were pretty salty but we did a pretty good job finishing most of it just between the two of us. We were both starving so we each licked our plates clean and just enjoyed talking for almost 3 hours. It was the perfect way to celebrate 🙂

This morning I slept in and started my day off with some prunes.ImageI’m going to head off to the gym in a little bit before babysitting later today. I’ll keep you all posted on my job offer details as they come in!

Pet update: One last thing readers, poor Liam underwent neutering on Tuesday and although he was really really hyper when he first came back home, he now is totally zonked out. I wanted to share a couple adorable pictures with you guys. (This morning he even curled up on my pillow and rested his face upon mine, adorable)ImageImageImageImagePoor guy. In that first photo was when it definitely seems he was “tripping” off of the pain medication. He’ll just be doing a lot of rest and relaxation for this upcoming week.

Until next time,


Through Sickness and In Balance.

5 Dec

Good morning readers!

First of all, I am very sorry for my hiatus in posting this week. Ever since I ran on Sunday, I’ve been having a weird stomach issue going on. It seems to be pretty unhappy with me no matter what I do. Before we go into that, I’ll do a quick recap of what my week was like.

Monday I went into work for a couple hours at the lab to try and get some data organized and brainstorm ways to increase recruitment. I quickly made a Sweet Breakfast Scramble and then biked to work 🙂 I bike to work every morning. Not only does this save me gas money, and the time of walking, but I bike up a long hill to get to campus so I get a quick cardio challenge in first thing every morning!

IMG_1319 IMG_1322

I know, I know, I could really use a new seat. Have no fear, I ordered one that afternoon when I got home from work. It was time.

Kevin had also returned back to DC from Vegas and was sick as a dog. Poor guy. After work, I took a nap, heated up some leftover Trader Joe’s Eggplant Goodness, we played with Liam a little bit, then hopped in the car to take Kevin for some Robek’s. Robek’s is an awesome healthy smoothie place in our neighborhood. They have a ton of different flavors to try and even make their own fresh juice! You can also add kale to any smoothie – aka it’s the perfect place for me. I chose the Emperor Acai and I forget what Kevin ordered, but it was a ginormous citrus smoothie with tons of Vitamin C.

IMG_1323 IMG_1325Image

We also did some grocery shopping, picked up my Mom and brought her home, then I dropped my car off back at my apartment and biked over to Kevin’s apartment. We started a new video game together, Donkey Kong Country Revenge, which is pretty fun and challenging. We played that for a little while, then around 730 made some dinner.

IMG_1326 IMG_1328 IMG_1329

I had leftovers from my vegetable chicken wrap dinner the night before with Chocolate Milk and carrots with hummus. I tried this chocolate milk before and it’s really good! It’s skim milk, has extra Omega 3s and extra calcium! I treat myself to it about once a month. (this is a photo from October)IMG_1444

Kevin heated up some Mac n Cheese, a corn dog, and then Lima Beans.

IMG_1332 IMG_1333

I know, polar opposite meals right? It used to be really hard for me to not over indulge when I ate with Kevin. He is a varsity athlete and needs to take in double, if not triple, the amount of calories and nutrients I do. For awhile, it was keeping me off track and I was making excuses for myself or didn’t want to miss out on an experience with him. For awhile, Kevin actually was cutting back on what he ate around me so that I wouldn’t over eat. While it was a very very sweet gesture, it was also hurting Kevin because his body wasn’t getting what he needed. I had to learn how to manage my own eating, whether or not I was around other people. After Kevin and I talked about it a few times, I knew I had to step up. I had to start holding myself accountable. I started to think about the goals I wanted for my health, maintaining strength, feeling strong throughout my body, etc, and realized I needed to keep these thoughts in mind when I was eating around anyone, including myself. It’s easy to get caught up and eat half the pint of Ben and Jerry’s after you have seconds, or maybe thirds, at dinner. But I knew that wasn’t what I wanted for myself anymore. I wanted a balance. Not over indulging all the time, but not skipping out on meals or restricting myself. I’d have to plan ahead a little more with my meals and be aware and conscious of my goals whenever I was constructing a meal. Although it was a tough one for me to learn, it has definitely paid off in the long run. Now, I stay on track with my way of eating and can balance myself out much much better.

Have you guys ever struggled with staying on track while you were around others? How have you worked on it?

New Day, New Breakfast.

30 Nov

Good evening everyone!

Woof, what a long day today was. One of the best parts though was being able to sleep in a little later this morning, til 930, and have the time to make a fresh breakfast before work. I took this opportunity to try a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for awhile now: whipped banana oatmeal.

I found this recipe off the blog Kath Eat’s Real Food months ago, but haven’t gotten around to making it until today. I started off with 1/3 cup skim milk, 1/3 cup oats, and 1/2 cup water in a pan. I brought this to a medium boil then began to slice half of a banana very thinly and place the slices  into the mix.


Once it all began to boil, I whipped the mixture together quickly until the bananas became part of the consistency. The smell at this point of the process was heaven. I let it cook for about 4 minutes and then added in some pumpkin puree.


Lastly, I tossed some blueberries in there and hoped for the best. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it. I almost began a second batch, but realized I was running low on time so I popped it into a tupperware container and went off to work.

Well, to my surprise, this breakfast was delicious! And ultra filling. About halfway I was considering putting it in the fridge for later, but it was too good! Especially once I added in my Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter. Seriously, I cannot get enough of it right now.


I ran a participant, made some phone calls, followed up on emails, and before I knew it it was 130! Time to eat 🙂


In the bowl today was spinach, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, avocado, raisins, yellow bell pepper and light balsamic vinaigrette. I use the Boathouse Farms dressing and I highly recommend it. Light in calories per serving, but packed with flavor. I actually didn’t even put dressing on my salads for the first 2 years I ate them, but this is my favorite dressing now.

After a couple more tasks at work, I got to head home and have some down time before I left for babysitting. Today went by pretty quickly, I always enjoy my time with Max. He’s 12 and horrible at Mario Kart on the Wii, but a really enjoyable kid to spend time with. Right from babysitting I left for the gym!

Today’s workout was all about getting myself moving. I took Tuesday and Wednesday as rest days so I felt a little restless. I hopped on the treadmill for a nice and easy 3 mile run at a 8:34 pace. After that, I hopped downstairs and completed this circuit Tina from Carrot’s n Cake posted on Health Magazine’s website for the morning after Thanksgiving. I actually did the workout that morning as well and found it to be a good challenge so I went for it again today.

My legs are definitely feeling it halfway through. It’s a tough workout, but a good one! I didn’t leave the gym until 755 so by the time I got in my car I realized how hungry I was. I normally like to be done with dinner by 8 so my stomach was empty and my body ready for some fuel. When I got home, I wanted to just throw together something quickly in the form of veggies and protein so I just grabbed whatever was ready to cook.

The veggies of the evening were broccoli, yellow squash, garlic and brussel sprouts. I tossed in some black pepper, basil and thyme. The combination was so random, but I ended up really enjoying it. I’m going to repeat this one for sure.

To pair alongside my veggies I chose a throwback.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Nuggets 🙂

With only 190 calories and 15 g of protein these little nuggets were the perfect choice for tonight. By the end of the meal my stomach was happily satisfied 🙂

The rest of my evening consisted of showering and getting the blog ready to launch! I’m pretty wiped so I’m going to snuggle up with Liam and read a little bit of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s been a while since I’ve read it, or any of the series for that matter. I’ve decided I’m going to read through all 7 again and see how fast I can do it. A bit of a mini, but enjoyable challenge for me. I haven’t read for pleasure in awhile.

What are some good books you have read lately?

Well that’s it for me tonight, goodnight everyone!

Until next time,