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Live from Logan Airport – Bringing you Alpacca’s and Key Lime Pie

3 Jan

Morning everyone!

Thanks to the free WiFi here at Logan Airport I am writing to all of you before I hop on my plane back to DC. It is 13 freezing degrees outside, but I’m so toasty in here I have my uggs off my feet and on the floor.

We left off on New Years Day right before I ate dinner with Adrienne, her parents and brother. Lasagna was on the menu and it did not disappoint. I was also ecstatic that they have salad with every meal and a vegetable. WOO! That night’s was broccoliMy favorite 🙂ImageImageI went back for seconds on the salad and the broccoli 🙂 Love my veggies. 

After dinner, I had the chance to try another new food! Key Lime Pie. It’s actually Kevin’s favorite pie, but we’ve never bought it together, in fact I don’t think he’s had it in a long time, so I was excited to try it – even though I’m not a big lemon or lime person.ImageImageI actually enjoyed it! Not one of my favorites and I don’t know that I would go out of my way to buy it, but I did enjoy its taste and flavor more than I originally thought. Branching out twice in one day on the first day of the year? I’m doin pretty well 😉

After dinner Adrienne and I watched The Hunger Games, which is a series we both love. After that, we crashed out. In the morning I helped myself to some Cascadian Farms Hearty Morning Fiber Cereal which is one of my favorites!! I was so happy to see that cereal in their pantry. I topped it with half a banana, then enjoyed the other half with PB.ImageImageQuick, easy, and filling. Up next on our agenda was walking around State St downtown so I could see all the local shops and stores in Newburyport, where Adrienne spent most of her time in high school. 

Around 230ish we returned back to Adrienne’s for some lunch. I was ravenous at this point so I went for a little bit of everything.ImageImageImageImageI had half an egg bagel with 2 slices turkey and 1 slice provolone cheese. Secondly, I cut up an apple and had about half the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB you see here. I then also enjoyed a yogurt that was mango and peach! It was filling and exactly what I needed.


Pikka, their dog, really wanted to have some though.ImagePost feast, Adrienne’s mom took their alpacca out of the fence area and I got to meet it! I’ve never been up close and personal with one before so it was quite the experience.ImageImageImageImageAfter my little meet and greet, Adrienne and I snuggled up to watch Casino Royale. I had never seen any of the James Bond movies, I know but I haven’t seen sooo many movies, so I was excited to see what all the hype is about and had a snack on the side.ImageImageA little while after the movie, it was time for dinner! Tonight was Shepard’s Pie. Yet another food I had not tried yet! They made theirs with ground beef, potato, peas, carrots and corn. It was really filling and I definitely want to make some for myself in the future!ImageI enjoyed some salad on the side, then had a very small sliver of leftover Chocolate Pecan Pie with some homemade whipped cream.ImageAfter dinner, I checked into my flight, finished packing and was off to sleep! I’m about to board my plane so I gotta jet. Talk to you all from DC!

Until next time,


A New Year, A New Fruit, A Polar Plunge and An Anniversary!

1 Jan

Happy new year readers! Welcome to 2013! (I’m no fan of this odd number business, but looks like we’re stuck with it).

I hope all of you had a wonderful, and safe, evening last night and enjoyed ringing in the new year. Being up here in northern Massachusetts is pretty bone chilling, but Adrienne and I have been having a great time so far. Before I began my trip here yesterday, I packed up and took a couple photos with my parents.ImageImageImageImageAfter these quick moments, we were off to Hartford Train Station to pick up my ticket,Image then we had some time to kill so we went into the Whole Foods.ImageOnce I got traveling, I took a nap, switched buses to take me to Newburyport from Boston and snacked on some sweet potato wedges.ImageWhen Adrienne picked me up I scarfed down an apple (it was around 330) and when I walked into her house I had a PB&J with crunchy peanut butter and fig jam. YUM! We did some catching up, sipping on hot chocolate, then got ready to go to a neighborhood friend’s house for a New Years Eve partayyyy!ImageImageImageI only took a couple photos of my food at the party, but I snacked on some wheat crackers with cheese, some mini meatballs in a delicious yet simple sauce (1 jar of jelly, 1 jar of chili sauce and onions) then had salad after this plate of brisket and rice with vegetables.ImageI also enjoyed some tastes of chocolate pecan piered velvet cheesecake, and pound cake with strawberries, cool whip and melted fudge fondue. All were delicious! We then played a less appropriate game of Apples to Apples called Cards Against Humanity. What’s cool is you print it off the internet onto hard paper, cut up the cards, and play! It’s free too which is another great perk. We played with Adrienne’s parents and other adult neighbors which made it hilariously awkward at times.

Adrienne and I left the party early to come back to her house and watch the ball drop! After that, we were straight off to bed because we could barely stay awake.

The ball dropping was also the signal that today, January 1st, marks the year and a half anniversary of Kevin and my’s relationship! Unfortunately, we are spending it apart, but we are looking forward to celebrating it when we are back together in DC. Happy anniversary Kevin! 🙂IMG_0838Today, we woke up and got bagels from a local bagelry. I went with wheat and topped it with some Cinnamon Swirl PB, a banana and I tried kiwi for the first time! I really liked it 🙂ImageImageImageThen we jumped into the Atlantic ocean in nothing but our bathing suits. Absolutely freezing but really exhilarating. It’s a tradition for Adrienne and her neighborhood and although we missed the dive with everyone, Adrienne and I still got to do one together. The only rules are you have to go in with only a bathing suit and you must put your head underwater. Here’s the en route, before and after the plunge photos for your enjoyment:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIMG_1933I was so happy that I got to do this tradition with such a close friend. It was an incredible rush and a cool way to start my new year. Braving cold weather, 34 degrees, freezing cold water temperatures, and diving in head first no matter what. Seems like a great mentality to take into this year 🙂

After we got back and dried off, I buttoned up and went out for a 4 mile run.ImageNow it’s time for a lasagna dinner! 🙂

Happy New Years to everyone, enjoy the rest of the 1st day of the year!