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Job Offer!

17 Jan

Good morning readers!!!

Let me start by telling you that today is a wonderful day! Do any of you know why?

WELL, if you’re a friend of mine on facebook then you already know that I have been offered the full time position I applied for with Lululemon Athletica!!

aljhdgalkdh;gla I am over the moon excited!! I’m currently in the on-boarding process and awaiting a few official emails, but the offer has been made and I have more than gladly accepted. After working 2 part-time jobs for over 4 months and trying to make it work, I am switching to one full-time position so I have more of a work-life balance, I look forward going to work each day, and I am doing something that I am passionate about that gives meaning to where I am in my life right now. I am so so so excited to begin this journey for myself. I feel I am finally moving forward with my life post college and it feels so awesome to not only workout at my own gym but now I’ll also be working off campus. Ah! I’m just so happy 😀

SO before all of that good news happened last night at babysitting, I had a pretty normal start to my Wednesday. Woke up and went off to work. There I had a Whipped Banana Oatmeal with blueberries and Nut Butter for breakfast 🙂ImageAround lunchtime I heated up some Channa Masala but didn’t really care for it, frozen from Trader Joe’s, so I ate some brussel sprouts I also brought with me but for being starving that morning I was not hungry at all for lunch. Even if it was 1 o’clock.ImageWhile at babysitting I left a voicemail and email with my lululemon contact then went to Starbucks for some tea while Max was at practice. That’s when my call came in!!! 🙂 I was so excited I managed to lose my debit card. 

My drive home was spent having very little gas while talking to Citibank on the phone for 30 minutes after looking at Starbucks and calling Max’s dad. At least I get free expedited shipping for being a CitiGold member so my new card will arrive tomorrow.

I picked up Erika on my way home and then we took the bus out to Surfside to go celebrate my job offer over half-price pitchers of margarita’s and some delicious tex mex.ImageImageImageImageI ordered my favorite there, and my go to, the St. Croix quesadilla with shrimp, grilled zucchini, cheddar and jack cheese, corn and black bean salsa with guacamole, lime sour cream, and pico de gallo. Erika’s quesadilla was the Belize, also good, with grilled steak, cheddar and jack cheese, poblano peppers and grilled red onions.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick our flavor of margarita’s so we had lime. They were pretty salty but we did a pretty good job finishing most of it just between the two of us. We were both starving so we each licked our plates clean and just enjoyed talking for almost 3 hours. It was the perfect way to celebrate 🙂

This morning I slept in and started my day off with some prunes.ImageI’m going to head off to the gym in a little bit before babysitting later today. I’ll keep you all posted on my job offer details as they come in!

Pet update: One last thing readers, poor Liam underwent neutering on Tuesday and although he was really really hyper when he first came back home, he now is totally zonked out. I wanted to share a couple adorable pictures with you guys. (This morning he even curled up on my pillow and rested his face upon mine, adorable)ImageImageImageImagePoor guy. In that first photo was when it definitely seems he was “tripping” off of the pain medication. He’ll just be doing a lot of rest and relaxation for this upcoming week.

Until next time,