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Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Barre Oh My!

16 Feb

Good morning readers!

What a crazy week this has been. I know I said that about last weekend, but seriously … this week kicked things up a big notch. Since there is SO much to discuss, I’m going to do my best to do a quick recap with only the highlights.

Let’s start off with Tuesday!

I woke up around 630 for a 730AM work meeting at lululemon. While I ate a delicious batch of overnight oats,Imagewe went over a bunch of topics, but my favorite was discussing the events we are a part of for the upcoming months.  I offered up the idea of doing a 5k as a team! Now I’m “owning it,” company lingo 🙂 , and am setting it up for all of us to do next month! Woo! 

After the meeting, I went to Equinox gym for my first Pilates class with Morgan and Carlene. I didn’t really know what to expect, but this class was definitely challenging whenever it came to my quads/hamstrings. Those bad boys are super tight.ImageAfter class, I met up with my roommate Autumn for lunch in our dining hall where I had a random mixture of fresh salads and enjoyed a piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream.ImageBlurry.Horrible.Picture.

I then had to rush back to work for a meeting with Kelly and ended up staying until 630 to help out because someone couldn’t make it to their shift. I then swung home, picked up Erika, and we made whole wheat garlic bread, whole wheat pasta carbonara and sauteed vegetables while we watched The Perks of Being a (Wall)Flower! (Erika called it “The Perks of Being a Flower” on accident which had us cracking up. It was exactly what I needed after a super long day. I’m so happy to have met Erika and become close with her.ImageImageImage


Alarm was set for 515AM and I was up and at ’em for a hot yoga class at 6AM with my coworker Clare at Dancing Mind Yoga. I have been there once before and this class we took was with the same instructor, Alex. She knows how to push you and both times I have come out of her class totally rejuvenated – and incredibly sweaty.

Post class was breakfast and a meeting for me to learn more about the depth of the company, which was shared over bagels and “bite breaks.”ImageI couldn’t resist and got the Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera. If any of you have ever had this bagel, you will understand.

Instead, for lunch I had another batch of overnight oats and my shift flew by! I totally loved every second of work.ImageI pretty much passed out for the remainder of the day, except for catching up on Pretty Little Liars.


Aka Valentine’s day! My day was off to a super sweet start because I woke up to a series of presents from the one and only Kevin Tao.ImageImageI decided to dive right in and have a cookie for breakfast. Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.

I got ready around 11 and went to Georgetown to meet up with Laura, a girl I knew in college who works for lululemon too, for my first Barre class! I first swung into lululemon and bought the Scuba hoodie I had been wanting for over a week! We ran out of it in my size at our store, but it was a Valentine’s Day present to myself – especially due to it’s color scheme 🙂ImageNext was Barre3. The studio was gorgeous. I was completely blown away. It’s by the waterfront and is in the second oldest building in DC, George Washington used it to store his tobacco. They had 2 rooms for the classes, a gorgeous lobby and a locker room.ImageImageImageWe took the class with the owner of the studio, Jill. Not only was she really personable, but she spoke to us the whole time to make sure we were doing each movement correctly, came around and made personal adjustments by moving your body, and even had us laughing at certain points. I’m not the kind of person to take breaks during a class, but in this class my quads and abs felt like they were going to shred if I didn’t. It was an amazing workout that I highly recommend.ImageShe even took our picture for us after class as we discussed clean eating 🙂 (she’s awesome). Laura and I also realized we were opposite color coordinated since we both work black and mint from lululemon.


All 3 of the instructors were excellent at talking you through each movement, always making sure you were elongating your spine, tucking your tailbone, or giving you clear instructions for whichever move you were working on. However, only Alex and Jill moved around the class and adjusted my body. 

I know that makes some people feel uncomfortable, but for me that is the sign of a good instructor. It means they have an eye for paying attention to the smallest details, that they are constantly looking around the class making sure no one is at risk of injury and want you to maximize the effectiveness of each movement. They can notice when my hips need to be more parallel to the floor despite 20 other bodies around me.

I was so grateful to be able to go to all of these classes this week and really work on my core/back strength, along with my posture. I would have to say that Barre 3 was my favorite. If any of you are looking for a new class, I highly reccomend Barre. It’s no joke for sure.

Until next time,