So you want to feel good AND look good? For me, fitness is the way to go on that one. Since I was a 5 sport kid, I truly love being active as often as I can. It has always been a crucial outlet for me to have, but also a way for me to gain energy, feel productive, or boost some self-esteem.

Growing up I was a swimmer. I first began when I brought a flyer home in first grade. This was my sport of choice for the next 12 years.


I also dabbled in basketball,










and then Ultimate Frisbee.



I did Track and Field in 7th and 8th grade at my junior high. I was told I was a good distance runner so my two events were the half mile and the mile. After this period of my life, I really didn’t get back into running until the summer before I left for college. It was a good replacement in terms of swimming for me and an excellent cross training for Ultimate, which I decided to play in college. Junior year of College I ran my first 5k and was the 2nd place female finisher! I averaged 7 minute 30 second pace and finished the race in 21 minutes! ( I can’t remember the seconds )

My second road race happened last year. The Credit Union Cherry Blossom!

The next race I ran wouldn’t be until September 15th but it was my first half-marathon with my friend Isaiah! I fractured my toe the night before, I am the clumsiest person on the planet, but still ran the race. I finished in 1 hour 46 minutes! 🙂 8 minute 9 second mile pace!

Breakfast with Isaiah at my Mom's apartment post race.


My third (and latest) race was a 10k Turkey Chase on Thanksgiving morning. I finished the 6.2 miles in 47 minutes and 42 seconds.  7 minute 58 second pace!




How I Get My Sweat On:

On November 12th, I joined Crunch Fitness! Not only is my membership really reasonable, $40 per month, but I have access to all 80+ classes, was given 3 personal trainer sessions, and full access to the gym. So far, in the first 2 weeks of my membership, I have gone about 5 days a week. My favorite class so far is The Athlete’s Workout. It’s a CrossFit inspired class that’s taught by the trainer I had for my first 3 sessions. He’s a great motivator and is all about building a relationship. The class not only is a REALLY tough workout, but you get to know everyone’s name in the class and work together so there’s a real sense of community in there.

I also like to go on runs about 3 times a week. Since my last half marathon, I have been focusing on healing my toe so I haven’t been running regularly like I used to, but I’m going to be getting back into that soon.

Weight Workouts:

Ah yes, how this all really got started. When I asked Kevin to begin to write me workouts, I really didn’t have any knowledge on how to use weights effectively and properly. I’m sure I could have looked up the information on my own, but having someone who knew me and who I trusted being able to show me was really great for me. It made me feel more at ease and comfortable in an environment where I was almost clueless. It was also good because Kevin could tailor the workouts to my goals and my current fitness level (although at first he wanted me to do push-ups with my hands AND my feet on 4 separate medicine balls! …he learned quickly).

Kevin developed a 3 day cycle for me:

Legs, Push, Pull.

The legs day would be a combination of squats with dumb bells, on a bosu ball, lunges, and dead lifts. Most exercises I did had me doing 10 reps and repeat 3 times.

Push day was all about arms – but every motion would be pushing. These days were heavy on the push-ups, inch worms, planks with my arms rotating around my feet, side planks, military presses and chest presses.

Pull day was also about arms, but this time all of the motions would be pulling. This would be lat pull downs, pull-ups, rows, running the rack, bicep curls.

I’ll post some of these workouts soon so you guys can become familiar with them and even try them out yourself! They were honestly the perfect introduction for me into the world of circuit workouts, and just showing me there’s more to the gym/my fitness than cardio.

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