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Corepower Yoga & Sweet Green

11 Jan

Good rainy afternoon readers!

It’s quickly becoming a mess outside here in the city so I’m trying to soak up as many hours as I can being cozy before tonight’s events: Adrienne’s 21st birthday!

First, I want to share yesterday’s events with all of you because it was a really good one. I think I am now out of my funk :).

For starters, I got to begin my day at work with a nice full jar of Overnight Oats.ImageI was looking forward to it since the night before. It was ultra filling, super delicious and perfectly satisfying. Good start…check!

After clocking in some time in the office, I snacked on some carrots and paella pre-babysitting for lunch then headed over a little early since I was going to have to talk to Max for awhile.ImageImageOnce I got to babysitting, I realized I was super hungry still. So I whipped up a couple snack items.ImageImage
One slice whole wheat toast, honey, half a banana, peanut butter and a clementine with skim milk. Woof, I was packed full after that big snack.

During babysitting I made sure I stay hydrated because that night I was meeting up with my lululemon interviewer for a Yoga Sculpt class at Corepower Yoga in Bethesda!! It was going to be my first ever experience at Corepower AND my first hot yoga class. I was so excited.

To pass the time, and fuel up properly before the 730 class I headed over to Sweet Green!ImageImageThe juice menu caught my eye, but I decided to keep it simple since I would be exercising soon. I made my own salad and it had baby kale, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, cranberries, cucumbers, peppers, avocado and beets in balsamic vinaigrette. I said yes to my slice of bread, but only ended up eating about half of it.ImageImageI enjoyed my salad while I was able to finish The Perks of Being a Wallflower 🙂 ImageI actually enjoyed the ending of the book much more than I thought I would. All in all, I would say the book is a decent read, but it won’t go down as one of my favorites.

At 7 I drove over to Corepower so I could get there early and fill out the new student form. After chatting with Clare we grabbed our mats and headed into the room early.

Holy wow. I have fallen in love with hot yoga. The class was a little less on the intense side that I was anticipating, but it was a still a great slower tempo-ed class. It combines traditional yoga poses with strength exercises that target one muscle group at a time. You have a set of light weights and heavy weights – I chose 3 lbs and 5 lbs. By the end, I was covered in sweat and feeling so cleansed. I felt rejuvenated. And I was hooked. Here’s a brief video on it!

I loved it so much that Clare invited me to meet her in the morning for another Yoga Sculpt class, but this time it would be with the woman who ran the studio. I gladly accepted.

Although my first class was on the company, Corepower is having this awesome deal right now where new students can come in for free for a whole week. I utilized this free week bright and early this morning.

This class was way more intense than last night’s – and I loved it even more!! Seriously you guys have to try it. Their studio is in Bethesda right on Wisconsin Ave at the corner of Bradley. I was literally drenched in sweat after this workout and can definitely feel my body will be on the sore side tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I forgot to eat something small before class so I was starving. I came straight home to shower and make a Sweet Breakfast Scramble and prepared another jar of overnight oats for tomorrow morning! 🙂ImageImagePosting to you guys about all of this is reminding me how hungry I am! Time to go ahead and eat a big healthy meal before tonight!

Any big weekend plans? By the way guys, fingers crossed for me to hear good news from lululemon on Sunday!! 🙂

Until next time,




15 Jan

Good morning readers!

Here in DC the weather is gross. It’s been miserably warm and rainy but today is cold and that misty rain that seems to come at you from all directions so no matter where you place that umbrella…you’re gonna get wet. Boo.

BUT, I did have a great weekend with better weather and lot’s of my favorite things so let’s talk about that first!

As I mentioned, Friday night we were going out to celebrate Adrienne’s birthday! WOO! First, I had to make a healthy dinner and head to Kevin’s wrestling match before I could go out with the girls. I was starving while making dinner so first I had a berry smoothie.IMG_2102In the blend was half a banana, 1 cup of mixed berries and 1/3 cup greek yogurt. It definitely helped hold me over while I ran around to get ready and then prepare dinner.

Dinner was a favorite meal of mine that I first made with Erika last month! Peanut Spaghetti Squash with VegetablesIMG_2105I slapped together some sugar snap peas, broccoli, yellow squash, tomatoes, spinach and baby bella mushrooms with the sphagetti squash then drizzled them with peanut sauce. It totally hit the spot and was great company for Kevin’s match against Harvard where he pinned his opponent to win the match! It was very exciting and one of my favorite things to see in wrestling. Kevin winning and pinning 😉Right after his win I ran down to the mat to hug him and congratulate him then it was off to Adam’s Morgan for Adrienne’s birthday!IMG_2111I met them where they were having dinner and arrived just in time for dessert! We split two crepes – banana and nutella and a banana split that had strawberries, banana, nutella and walnuts. Oh my god – heavenlyLight but perfectly satisfying at the same time.IMG_2108 IMG_2109After dessert I went with them to a couple of bars, but didn’t drink since I was driving. It was nice to just be out and celebrate with her though since she’s become one of my closest friends in the city.


This morning I was up bright and early to make it to my favorite weekend workout class – Bosu Body. She normally whoops your but and she did not disappoint this weekend. Before class I nommed on a new bar Luna just came out with. It’s like a nutri-grain bar but way better. I highly recommend them.IMG_2114 IMG_2115 IMG_1917After that butt-kicking workout (my arms were super sore from yoga sculpt the two days before) I went home and had my favorite no cooking required breakfast …. OVERNIGHT OATS! 🙂 See the trend here? 😉IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1921Another one bites the dust!

On my way home from the gym I had picked up a couple of things I needed including bananas, some chocolate milk and these really fascinating looking tortillas blue corn and flaxseed blendIMG_1920

To skip ahead and keep the favorites rolling, let’s talk about dinner. These tortillas are the bomb.  And I threw together this creation for dinner that has definitely become one of my new favorite go-to’s for an incredible meal.IMG_2120 IMG_2126 IMG_2127Seriously readers you have to make this for dinner or lunch sometime. It is sooooooo good. And SUPER easy!

I sauteed the chicken in parsley, oregano, pepper and salt. After I warmed the tortillas on the stove top I topped them with roasted red pepper hummus and then put on my re-heated leftover veggies from the spaghetti squash dinner the night before. Then I added the chicken, sprinkled mexican cheese on, popped them in the microwave to melt it then topped it with Katsu sauce (optional) Seriously. Incredible.


What a great morning I had with my mom enjoying blueberry whole wheat pancakes and a banana with PB, and a nice tall glass of skim milk.IMG_2129 IMG_2130After breakfast my mom came with me to one of two wrestling matches Kevin had that day. He again pinned his first opponent from Stanford, but then unfortunately lost a match to his one from Lehigh. He’ll get ’em next time.

After that I spent time at home with my roommates who all came back from break then went out and saw Zero Dark Thirty with my mom and brother. It was a really long movie and unfortunately I was kinda tired, but I still enjoyed it.


I woke up super early for yet another hot yoga class with Lululemon. I will hear the final decision on Wednesday on whether or not I will be hired – let’s just say I am compulsively checking my email and plan to until I find out. Although I haven’t tried too many different types of yoga, only 5, hot yoga is my current favorite. So I had no problem waking up for this class then having my favorite kind of smoothie afterwards 🙂IMG_2142 IMG_2144I also made a mini Sweet Breakfast Scramble to enjoy at work later – and as you all know this one is definitely a favorite.

For dinner last night, I made the tortillas again but this time with shrimp. STILL DELICIOUS! I’m telling you guys, this one’s a winner.IMG_2146 IMG_2148 IMG_2149For the three hours following dinner I could not shake my craving for cookies. I wasn’t sure what type of cookie specifically (oreos, chocolate chip, chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich) but I knew it was cookies and nothing else would do the trick. I debated for awhile whether or not I would cave, but eventually I did. Once I was out and saw the ice cream sandwich, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor milk and cookies. I ate about 1/3 of the pint – whoops! But it was honestly worth every single perfect bite 🙂IMG_2150 IMG_2151

What are some of your favorite foods readers? Please share them with me! 🙂

Until next time,


Healthy Holiday Hints

28 Dec

Hey readers!

I hope everyone isn’t suffering too bad from the post-Christmas lull. We still have New Years! I am in the process of finalizing my plans to go visit my friend Adrienne in Boston. What are you guys up to?

As I was going through my holiday break, I had to make a lot of adjustments to stay on a healthy track. My family is fairly active and we went on runs both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, their eating patterns are entirely different from mine. I used to eat just like they did – not eat all day and then have a HUGE lunch/early diner to make up for it. But that would leave me eating more than I wanted, giving me a bellyache, and completely throwing me off for that day and the day after. So I wanted to write to you guys letting you know how I navigated it this year and give you guys some, hopefully, helpful hints.

1. Eat throughout the day – the morning we went to the Bronx my family said we weren’t having breakfast and were going to wait til lunch. I knew that would leave me with low energy, starving, and pretty miserable. I used to think it would be great because I could get skinnier by eating less in my day, and one big meal would be enough to fill me. In the end, I ended up eating more, what I ate wasn’t that healthy, and I would feel awful. So I planned ahead this time. To accomodate myself, without burdening my family, I made a Sweet Breakfast Scramble the night before and put it in the fridge. In the morning, I grabbed it on our way out and ate it in the car.IMG_1654 I also snacked on a Raisin Bran muffin while we were waiting around noon. We ended up not eating til 3pm!! (Also our Christmas Eve dinner didn’t happen til 1030 pm). Remember, you can’t change how your family does things, but you can change how you react to it. Summary: have small healthy meals/snacks throughout your day to keep your metabolism moving and your appetite happy and balanced.

2. Keep up your consumption of fruits and vegetables – my family typically only makes one vegetable per meal. When I’m cooking for myself I’m eating 4-5 (on average)! This would be a big change in my diet. I planned ahead and went grocery shopping with my mom so I would have veggies and fruits on hand. With every meal, I always made myself a small side salad with a couple different vegetables in it. That way, I could still eat the meal my parents worked so hard to prepare, but could also make a little addition to it for myself.IMG_1718This was my side on Christmas Eve!IMG_1695This was my snack pre dinner when my family had a lot of cheese, vegetables in oil, and crab dip. While I tried little bites of everything, I made sure to snack on lots of veggies. (I cut up some yellow bell pepper too)IMG_1739Christmas Day my parents had cookies and coffee for breakfast, but I chose peanut butter and banana on wheat toast!

3. You can have it all, just not all at once – this is what I have read in Bethenny Frankel’s book Naturally Thin. She talks a lot about how your diet is like a bank account. How I interpreted it is similar to when you get a paycheck: you can’t blow it all right away. You have to save some so you can spend some. Think of your fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy as your savings account and your sweets, special entrees or favorite indulgences as your spending. If you spend the money overtime, you’re in a much more balanced, and better, financial situation. Same with sweets! If you spread them out overtime, and maintain a healthy lifestyle all the while, you can fully enjoy anything you want to eat! So when your family whips out 6 different desserts – pick your favorite and fully enjoy your portion. Or decide on a couple to try and enjoy your bites of each dessert. Either way, as long as you balance your meals throughout your day, dessert won’t knock you off the right track. I chose to have small desserts, since I knew I would be full from dinner, that way I could still enjoy a sweet but not feel totally over stuffed!IMG_1731

4. Try and be active any way you can – So your family may not go on group runs together on the holidays  – and that’s totally fine! Exercise can be 10 minutes of activity at once, repeated throughout the day. Let’s say your family has a dog. Volunteer to take them out for their walk or jog! If you live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, as a relative to join you on a walk (family time and exercise combination!) or take a walk if you need a break. Work on holding your plank in your room then do some push-ups, squats, alternating backwards lunges and repeat the circuit 3 times. Any way you can fit it in, even if it’s just 20 minutes, is great! It will keep your energy up and keep your metabolism moving helping you feel less sluggish and wiped out from all the holiday activity.

"Wanna go for a walk?"

“Wanna go for a walk?”

5. Enjoy everything and don’t beat yourself up! – Okay, so you ate a lot at dinner last night, and the cake looked too good to pass up. No problem! Did you enjoy it? Then it was worth it. Today’s a new day! Start fresh and have a great breakfast to start your day off on the right foot and tackle everything one step at a time. Remember, this is a holiday. It is a special occasion and you should treat yourself! Just don’t treat yourself every meal and everyday. Pick your favorites so you can have something to look forward to and motivate you to stay on track so you can enjoy it later! IMG_1672IMG_1691IMG_1682

6. Remember your goals/reasons for wanting to be healthy – it was easy for me to get wrapped up at Haley and Lauren’s holiday party and let go of all my progress on the appetizer table. I realized the more I was feeling guilty about it, the more I found myself going back to the snack table! Like I said, don’t beat yourself up and enjoy things! Once I started to move around the party and talk to more people, I found myself talking about my goals, my health blog and connecting with people on where we all are in our lives. One of my biggest goals is a balance. I mean this in every aspect of my life, even socializing! By balancing out how I was spending my time at the party, I began to naturally balance out what I was eating and found myself just enjoying the snacks and desserts I did pick. Having this blog be one of my goals also really helped when I was facing my family’s schedule. I knew what was important to me, so I was motivated to find ways to adjust my eating patterns so I could enjoy both my parents meals and stay on my healthy track (plus taking pictures of everything helps me stay accountable to myself, and you guys!)

7. Offer small suggestions to make dishes healthier – Okay, so your parents/relatives are in charge of the meal preparation so whatever they choose is what will be served. So you can’t have spaghetti squash instead of pasta, you can’t choose how much olive oil goes into the pan – don’t fret! When you can, try and offer small suggestions to change things up a little bit. For example, my mom wanted to make pancakes for everyone on Christmas morning. I asked my mom if we could get whole wheat pancake mix instead and it turned out my whole family loved how delicious they tasted! Now, your family may not be as open as mine, but you can also prep some of the batter on the side for yourself and ask the chef to toss on a few whole wheat ones for you! Or, if you don’t feel comfortable asking them to change their prep, bring a dish that you can contribute. Maybe a fruit salad for brunch, maybe a vegetable plate if it’s dinner. Whatever you feel comfortable with, there are plenty of ways to be flexible and creative with helping your holiday meals be a little healthier.

That’s what helped me stay on track this holiday. What are some of your tips or tricks for staying healthy during the holidays?

Here’s a few pictures from my Christmas as a little post-Christmas gift for all of you 🙂 IMG_1746 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1760 IMG_1762 IMG_1763 IMG_1767 IMG_1769

Until next time,