One Week Later, One Still Not 100% Girl.

14 Dec

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for my second hiatus. I’m mostly apologizing to myself for not keeping up with this blog no matter what. Going forward, I need to build in more time for myself and more time for the blog. Even if I’m not feeling great, my health is a big priority in my life. I have to take the ups with the downs more and continue to do things for myself.

A quick recap of the weekend involves a LOT of napping, sleeping in, seeing Wreck it Ralph with Kevin, getting a great workout in Sunday and a good dinner with Hana. She came with me to her first wrestling match ever and we watched Kevin win!

Monday was back to the grind and I ran to the gym with my roommate Autumn, had a great Kettlebell circuit workout and then ran home! Unfortunately, I think the combination of the 4 mile run and Kettlebell class took a lot out of me. Tuesday I felt really out of it, but managed to go to all 3 jobs of the day. Wednesday I had the time to string the tree for Kevin and I. After watching 4 different YouTube videos, talking to my Dad and having everyone tell me to start at the top, I started at the bottom. Let’s just say I like to do things backwards sometimes. Oh well, it still turned out well! And it was my first time and I really enjoyed it. I got to spend a lot of good quality time with Erika and Hana, and then Kevin and I decorated our tree!


Let’s fast forward to today. I woke up after another, super lucky, day of getting to sleep in til 1030. I knew pretty quickly I was going to do two things. 1) I was going to drive into work today and 2) I needed a big fruit smoothie. I quickly grabbed my things, made a smoothie, slabbed some crunchy PB on a slice of toast and drove to work. In the smoothie mix today was a banana, a 1/2 cup 0% Fage Plain yogurt, and 1/2 bag of Trader Joe’s Very Berry frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries).



This week I really have been trying to listen to my body. Whenever I’m not feeling well I tend to either completely veg out or keep going full throttle and end up super sick. I feel like I’ve maintained a better balance between the two this last week. I still got a couple solid workouts in to give my body some energy and help the sickness move out, but also took a lot of rest days and time to myself to recharge. It’s still hard for me to give myself time to rest, sometimes I feel really guilty for it and other times I’m worried I will get off track. But this journey is all about a healthy life for me here and now. Being healthy requires a balance. I’ve been learning to control my on or off switch and learn to live somewhere in the middle. 

After a few busy hours at work, the phone was ringing off the hook!, I hopped back in my car and swung home for some snacks. Bad idea. Not only did Tine surprise me with a big delicious cookie at work, but Aly had made the rest of the funfetti cupcake batter! I heated up my sweet potato wedges and found myself grabbing a cupcake as well. Oh well, I enjoyed it 🙂



Then it was off to babysitting I go! I had a banana and PB as a snack.ImageThe best part of today’s afternoon with Max was his basketball practice. The location of where he practices is 3 blocks away from my gym! You better believe I took advantage of this and drove my little butt to the gym. There I did the following workout:

1) Row 1,500 meters. Every minute, stop and do 10 squat thrusters with 10 lb dumb bells. Keep going until all 1,500 meters have been completed.

2) 20 box jumps on the small box, 20 leg presses on the bigger box, 20 walking lunges with 10 lb dumb bells.

3) 21’s and Military Presses. I grabbed a 20 lb barbell and did 7 bicep curls to my waist, then 7 from my waist to my shoulders, then 7 starting from the bottom to the top.

I didn’t rest much in-between exercises because I knew I didn’t have too much time, but I also wanted a high intensity, but brief workout. I walked out feeling great! Good burst of energy, good challenge, but I didn’t feel overworked or too exhausted. Balance 🙂

I swung into whole foods to pick up some essentials: bananas, blackberries, and more cinnamon swirl PB. I even saw a guy having a tough time deciding which peanut butter to buy. I carefully guided him to the bottom shelf and told him about my obsession. He put one in his basket too 🙂 Spreading the love this holiday season, even if it’s just for peanut butter.

I went over to my mom’s for a chat after babysitting. It was really good to talk with her about where I’m at. She is more supportive of me than ever of moving to California. She pitched the idea that we all drive me out there together! Which honestly, was the best thing she would have said. I have always wanted to drive cross country. There are so many gorgeous natural landscapes I have always wanted to see and now will be the perfect chance to be able to! I’ll also be able to bring some of the furniture I will want with me over there so I’ll save money on buying new. Eeeeek! It’s becoming so real and it’s honestly making me even more happy and excited about the whole process. 

Then, I was starving for some dinner. What did my body want? Veggies and protein. So I did it up!

ImageI sauteed broccoli, yellow squash, garlic, onions, and red bell pepper with kale. I seasoned it with black pepper, basil, oregano and thyme. I also cooked a chicken breast in the same mixture. But something was missing…the taste was a little too bland.

ImageI kicked it up a notch with this salsa and BAM! Delicious. It added just the right amount of a different flavor and kick without drowning out the taste of the vegetables.

ImageI’m enjoying Glee and relaxing before another big day tomorrow. TRX class in the morning, taking Mariam to run an errand in Bethesda, then taking a nice big nap before job hunting in the afternoon and Killer X Circuit at 630.

Hope you’re having a restful Thursday before the weekend!

Until next time,






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