Lululemon Athletica & A Little TDR

29 Nov

Hey everyone!

Bear with me while i figure out how exactly I want to present this blog and what my direction is going to be. It’ll take me a couple of weeks, but hopefully it’ll be great by the end! (Or have some rhythm to it).

So, a couple weeks ago when I was figuring out how I was going to spend my winter break I knew one thing was for sure, I didn’t want to go back to CT for too too long. Although both of my jobs will be giving me some time off (since they both are on school calendars) I rely on my paychecks from them to pay my rent and support myself. Between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, it looks like it’s gonna be a little tight. I’m also not sure how many of my friends will be home this year so I think it might be best for me to go home for a short break and come back to DC for work. When I was thinking of what I would do with my time here, the first thing that came to mind is my gym. I recently joined Crunch FitnessIt has been such a good decision for me. My membership is $40 per month, I have access to over 80 classes per week and was given 3 free personal training sessions! So far I am absolutely loving it there and am trying out a couple new classes each week to get a feel for what I like the most.

I began to think maybe I should apply for another part-time job. Some days I find myself having a lot of down time at night, but am not sure how to fill it. While I’m still unsure of exactly what I want my future career to be, I am sure that health and exercise are two big priorities in my life right now. As I began to think of ways I could incorporate that into a job that I would enjoy Lululemon Athletica  came into mind.

I took a trip down to the store in Georgetown and met with the manager. From there, I applied online and got an invitation for a group interview!

It was very relaxed, which was a different pace for me interview wise. It was me, two other interviewees, and 2 employees. They were both super sweet and really open about their experiences working at Lululemon. They spoke a lot about the teamwork atmosphere at the store and how working there really pushes them to work on their biggest weakness to make it a strength. Honestly, just listening to them talk about their positions made me feel this would be a better fit than I imagined. A bunch of the coworkers are all running an 8k together, they challenge each other, go to yoga or exercises classes together, and they all talk about how it feels like a community to them. I have definitely felt disconnected since I graduated college and the transition has been really rough for me. I feel very stuck, especially with all my roommates still being in college and working on campus. The next round will be one-on-one interviews so I will have to see if I make it to the next round. Wish me luck!

The rest of the day was quite busy. I wasn’t all that hungry in the morning and was nervous for the interview so I just made some Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea and brought it with me to my interview. When I got back home I snacked on a banana and some Peanut Butter Co.’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter, it’s the best PB in the entire world, and had a real breakfast at work.

After a full afternoon of work at the research lab I was off to babysitting. I worked on this bad boy (my blog) and snacked on an apple. Then I was off to meet my friends Erika and Hana for dinner on campus in TDR. I might have gone a litttttle overboard but I love my university’s dining hall. It was great when I was a student, but now it’s even better! Last time I went to dinner with them I ate a massaged kale salad with beets, goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes and walnuts. Amazing.

Well, last night’s dinner did not disappoint.

On my plate was Whole Wheat Toast with almond butter and apple butter, a small piece of meatloaf, a couple bites of potato, roasted squashes, roasted color carrots, and salad.

Now, I know that looks like a TON of food. It totally is. But I hadn’t really eaten a full meal during the day yet and I didn’t end up eating all of it. I just tried a couple bites of the curried pork with vegetables, and couldn’t finish all the carrots. Whenever I go to TDR my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.

After we ate, we all walked over to a Psychology Department event. They were showing Girl, Interrupted and then were hosting a panel discussion on Bipolar Disorder. But when we got there, the room was packed. Standing room only really. We decided to bag it and went to Hana’s apartment instead. We ended up having an Intervention marathon – one of my favorite shows – and catching up on Selena and Bieber’s romance.

I called it a night around 1030 because I was exhausted. I was up for the interview at 715! I’m anxiously checking and rechecking my email all the time, but I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time,


3 Responses to “Lululemon Athletica & A Little TDR”

  1. Rose November 30, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    Can you cook for me? The food looks amazing, great colors and textures.

    • lookgoodfeelgood4good November 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

      Sure Mom! Although that’s the one meal I didn’t cook this week haha. It’s from TDR!


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